Stansted Airport Bed and Breakfast
Stansted Lodge business clarification

This web page is for guests using Stansted Airport bed and breakfasts, primarily those booked into Stansted Lodge Ltd, Companies House Registration number 54466041.

Stansted Lodge has had the URL since inception in May 2005.
More recently Desalis Hotel has established a new business location, and are using the URL (since 2011). Stansted Lodge have taken the case to Nominet, case # D00011835.

Although flattered that Desalis Hotel wishes to leverage Stansted Lodge's great reputation, we do not want to see confused guests using either establishment.

Stansted Lodge (Aspens and Avalon) located in Elsenham is a completely different business to 'Stansted Airport Lodge' located in Takely. Please ensure you check details with any staff taxi or airport taxi driver before leaving the airport if already booked.

If you are still unsure, feel free to call us at Stansted Lodge on +44 (0) 1279 815 150.

Stansted Airport Lodge Bed and Breakfast